Kakute F7 AIO and Storm32 gimbal

I’m trying to hook up my 3-axis gimbal with storm32 controller to Kakute F7 AIO. I’m using mavlink over Serial4. I can’t get them to talk though (I set slider on channel 12 to control the pitch but it’s not working).
I tried setting Serial4_options to 16 to swap Tx and RX (i have wires already soldered and swapping them physically would be my next step I guess) and it does not work still.
Has anyone actually managed to made these two talk?
Also, is there a way to check for all incoming mavlink heartbeats in MP?

Sorted. I need to pay more attention to the manual.

How did you solve it?

Read the instructions carefully. I used wrong pins on Storm32 board.

Did you manage to get camera shutter working with your setup?
I have a kakute f7 connected to a storm32 board but they appear like two different instances in MP.
As fair I understand the first instance is the kakute f7 FC itself and the second the storm32 board.
I can only trigger camera shutter via the second instance with " Trigger Camera NOW" feature.
While connected directly to the first instance the above feature does not work.
Any recomendations?

Never used it with trigger camera function. pointing works ok.

How did you wire this gimbal to the fc? I am trying this with iNav but not sure on the physical wiring.

Just with a serial connection.

Ok so just connect the wires to rx and tx of free uarts?

Correct. Tx to Rx, Rx to Tx

Hi ,

Im building a Kakute F7 AIO quad, what ardupilot firmware version did you go with and did you have do to any custom firmware building from source to get things working properly?

also what GPS module and compass module did you use?

thanks Pete.

Just a latest dev arducopter works fine.

This is the GPS I use: