Kakute f7 aio and frsky XSR

Hi , Im building on the process to put together a plane , FC is a kakutef7 AIO , and RC is an frsky XSR ,
by using the sport on T6 , or T4 , testes with all configuration options , i can’t get RC controls ( transmitter of course has signal and is paired ok ) , nor telemetry .

i appreciate any ideas on what else i may try before throwing the receiver .

thanks .

So if you are using the Receiver Sport then you are running Fport firmware? And you mean UART6 Rx?

Hi, no , not fport, just sport , then my understanding is that it is a one wire connection , capable of , tx,rx and telemetry, connected to tx6, ( or any other port) , but I couldn’t found a working example for this receiver any place , other than it is specifically mentioned on the official docs , but in that case to be wired to older FCs.

A one wire connection for RC Control and telemetry is Fport in which case you would use the Sport output. But of course you would have to flash the Fport firmware on the XSR and configure this properly in Arduplane to support it. If you are not Using Fport then RC Control is out of the receiver Sbus output to the Kakute F7 UART6 Rx input. Telemetry is available on the Receiver Sport input and this would output from the Kakute F7 UART6 Tx.

ok, i see now what you mean , will try i think there may be other problem in addition because i should already have at least telemetry working as that is the connection i made TX6 to sport , will check again with both connections , radio and telemetry , thanks

i connected as you explain, now Receiver is working as expected, but i can’t get telemetry to work , tested with different options on serial6 options , ( inverting , not inverted , hal duplex , etc ) and with protocol 10 , but can’t get telemetry on the taranis . If you have any suggestion on what may i try , appreciated ,

in fact this is not accurate , im getting telemetry , but just for rssi , rxbt and A2 , then no other sensor is generated from ardupilot , just the ones from the XSR itself

If you have a Frsky Transmitter you will want this Telemetry implementation.

Sure , thanks , it is what I have , and I have been using with other models , but can’t make it to work with the Xsr and the kakute f7 combination .

Works for me with an Kakute F7 running Plane V4.0.5 and a Frsky R9MM. Should be no different with the XSR as I’m not using the Inverted Sport the R9MM has. Why use 3.9 anyway?

Thanks Dave, could you please clarify not sure what you mean about using “ 3.9”. , are you referring to a firmware version ? ,

i see what you mean now , is because we are on the 3.9 plane thread , but this just because i found a related topic , im running latest available version as of today . ( still no telemetry ) .

Attached is a parameter file from my working Kakute F7 with Plane. Use compare paramters and see if there is anything obvious related to this.

Kakute F7 Plane frsky telemetry.param (19.5 KB)

Thank you will do , is it possible that the problem may be on the Taranis , then im looking on the wrong place . i Do suspect that the XSR max firmware version supported is 2.1.9, and no idea what version the Receiver is right now , and i have 2.2.4 binary on my taranis . i think i will try to load 2.1.9 on the XSR , just to be sure what firmware version is it now , and the go form there …, could that be?

im unsure of changing firmware versions , not having a success , and then no being able to go back , what firmware version are you using on the taranis and receiver ?, tks

when trying to flash , the 2.1.0 firmware , i receive a message : firmware update error , module not responding ( led green , red, flashes shortly , and the the error message comes up )

I don’t even see a 2.1.9 version for the XSR. I’m not using the Bullshit versions that came out on 2020-03-24 claiming “fixed the bugs”. That requires flashing the Tx also and can break other Rx’s some people have. V2.0.1 is what I would use but that depends on what you flashed on your Tx.

ok, tks i now have 2.2.4 on the taranis , and not able to flash the XSR, so will go back to older version and see can flash this XSR …

i now remember why i flashed 2.2.4 on my taranis, it was to make yaapu script to work, as if im not mistaken older firmwares didn’t have luac option available … , so will see if can make all this to match versions …

No. I’m using 2.3.3. You should be able to flash the XSR with the latest version of OpenTx. I’m confused as to what you are working with. Starting with your post about single wire RC and telemetry w/o Fport.