Kakute F7 additional servos

Hi! I’m building a custom drone and I really like the size and features of the Kakute F7 / Tekko32 4-in-1 combo. Ideally I’d require control of 4 BLDCs (no issue there) and 4 servos. As I understand I can use M5 & M6 for two of them. I will not be using the UARTs or camera controls.
Is it possible to reassign any of the unused IOs as additional 2 PWM outputs?

not without a custom firmware. You can however output sbus on a uart and use a sbus splitter to get some extra ports. Something like this you can configure to output subs channels 9 - 16. You wont get fancy stuff like dshot, will just be standard slow PWM.

Thanks for the detailed reply! In this case slow will do fine (simple RC servos) I’ll get one of those to get started and put the firmware mod on the TODO list.

Do you know if it’s a simple sbus pass-through or would it actually have proper sbus channels? I mean, if I configure servo15_function as landing gear for example, would it appear on outputting sbus even if I have no such channel on receiver?

its separate to the receiver, it just outputs all your servox_functions over sbus

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