Kakute F4 AIO, extra UART needed?

I have just ran to a problem, when looks like I will be missing one more UART in my configuration.
But, maybe I am missing something and it’s possible to connect everything to my flight controller ?

My current setup is Kakute F4 V2 AIO

  • SERIAL0 -> USB
  • SERIAL1 -> UART6 - Receiver Tx Only
  • SERIAL2 -> UART1 (FrSky S.Port) - Not in use
  • SERIAL3 -> UART4 (GPS)
  • SERIAL4 -> UART5 (ESC Telemetry, RX only)
  • SERIAL5 -> UART3 - Free

I am planning to add gimbal controller so I need Rx and Tx (Serial5->UART3).
But I also wanted to wire wifi module for wireless communication from ground control which also needs Tx and Rx. so looks like I am missing extra UART.

Is there a way to do some magic and actually connect it all to that board ?

Hey, can you tell exactly which Ardupilot version you used?

I’m having troubles trying to set up, using Spektrum receiver.