Just Sharing my Blade 300 electric heli setup using Kakute F7 Mini V2

Hi all,
Just sharing my FPV Blade 300 stretched with longer 280mm SAB blades for endurance. It hovers and cruises_~50 km/hr) at around 8 amps @ 3S 2200mAh battery.Video is recorded in the DJI goggles and there is Caddx Vista Video transmitter unit mounted under the frame.Compass and Rx are on the boom.

It flies good but needs more tuning. It very slowly oscillates on pitch and roll axis.I will post a log but only problem is I can capture only 2 mins of high speed logging due to the fact that Kakute F7 Mini V2 contains flash memory instead of SD card.

Big thanks to Bill and Chris and all the developers who made Ardu heli possible!!


Excellent… thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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