Just got a Cube Orange, looking for recommendations on a good GPS/Compass combo (non-RTK)

And now Auto appears to see it. I added a 500ms boot delay to let the GPS boot up first, and now it seems to work.

Any idea how to make the message on the artificial horizon screen about GPS 1 go away? Or how to change the hdop and sat messages on the map screen to show for GPS2 instead of GPS1?

Rick click in the HUD , then from HUD Items uncheck GPS. The right click again and from User items select what you want for GPS2

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Perfect! Thanks! The only thing I can’t find is a way to check how many satellites I have, but the hdop value will work well enough as an indicator.

Try changing the Icon Description.
Right click in the map>Change Icon Description and change satcount to satcount2

No dice, so I just put that variable on the artificial horizon screen with the status and hdop variables. Thanks! I thought it was called num_sats from the message that you get when you have too few satellites, so I never thought to look for satcount.

I’ve done the same but using gps port2 so only with six pin excluding the button :slight_smile: