Jumper R8 and Yaapu Telemetry (solved)

I have two planes giving me the same problem .
Setup 1:
TX16S, Jumper R8, Matek F405, Arduplane 4.0.6, Yaapu Telemetry

Setup 2:
TX16S (Not the same radio as Setup 1), Jumper R8, Pixhawk 2.4.6, Arduplane 4.0.5, Yaapu Telemetry.

In both setups I am getting battery, altitude, attitude, messages& Warnings and RSSI displayed on the Yaapu screens.

In both setups I am not getting speed (air or ground), throttle setting, or waypoint information. On Setup 1 the plane has an FPV with OSD and all the data is displayed correctly there.

The radio in Setup 1 is also used with a Dragonlink connection on another plane and all the telemetry information works perfectly there.

Since these are two different TX16S (latest OpenTx as of a couple weeks ago) and two different R8 radios, but the same issue, I’m guessing it’s either a set up issue or a limitation of some kind. Any help would be appreciated.


So, it’s a case of RTFM…

ARSPD_TYPE must be set to 0 if you aren’t using an airspeed sensor. Even if ARSPD_USE = 0. Both planes in question do not have airspeed sensors so I had ARSPD_USE = 0, and didn’t pay any attention further than that. I’ve only tested one of the two planes, but now that ARSPD_TYPE = 0 I have the GPS speed information on the Yaapu telemetry page.

The answer for this was very clearly written in the wiki. I just didn’t read that part.