JSN-SR04T setup help

Im using Sonar JSN-SR04T and have tried setting it up according to this setup using AUX 5 and 6 as GPIOs and using an arduino for power and ground. I can hear the sensor making a noise and have tested that it works using arduino but when I connect to pixhawk I get no distance measurment. Below are two images of the signal from pixhawk vs from arduino when testing the sensor.

From pixhawk (doesnt work)

From Arduino (works)

did you set `SERVO13_FUNCTION and SERVO14_FUNCTION to -1 so they can be used as GPIO?


Yes I tried that. I followed the whole GPIO page.

Post a log or parameters.

I got it working, I think it was a problem with my pixhawk I updated to a pixhawk 4 and it fixed it.

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