JSBSim version for ArduPlane 3.8.5

I am trying to set up SITL with JSBSim using a fork of Arduplane 3.8.5, released Apr 25, 2018.

The current SITL-documentation (https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/sitl-with-jsbsim.html) states that “In the past ArduPilot required a special version of JSBSim. As of December 2018 that is no longer the case, and we can use the standard JSBSim releases”. Presumably this means I need the special version of JSBSim.

Where can I find this special version of JSBSim?

Thanks in advance!

Why do you need to use AP 3.8.5?
Use current version of AP.

Hello LupusTheCanine,

I use AP 3.8.5 because I simply love vintage programming. :slight_smile:

No, seriously – this particular fork of AP 3.8.5 contains some experimental features that I need to test. Using the current version of AP would be nice, but does not solve my problem.

@anyone - Suggestions where I can find the special version of JSBSim that is referred to the the AP documentation would be very appreciated!

Many thanks,