JR-style Transmitter Module Kit for RFD900x

Hi all,

I’d like to share a DIY module I’ve designed which allows an RFD900x to fit directly into transmitters with JR-style module bays. Direct PPM pass-through provides R/C control and a built-in WiFi module bridges MAVLINK data from your flight controller to a connected PC or smart device. It’s a nice clean long-range link option for Ardupilot-equipped vehicles.

Kits available here: https://www.loftedaero.com/product-page/rfd900x-diy-module-kit


very cool, like it!
do you share the code for the wifi adapter?

Hi, I’m just using the Ardupilot version of MAVESP8266 firmware. Found here: https://github.com/tridge/mavesp8266

does this also work for esp32?