jp1 Removed, board still powered with ESC?

I’m a bit confused about this, I was under the impression removing the jp1 jumper isolated the output + rail, allowing the user to power the board with, and only with the Power Module.
However with my jp1 jumper removed the board will still power up from the ESCs.
I have insured many times that there is absolutely no external connections between the input, analog, and output rails.

using a search I was able to find another pilot with this issue, but it had he replies. viewtopic.php?f=44&t=7365&p=15762&hilit=jp1+jumper+removed#p15762

Thanks for any help

Is your board a genuine 3DR APM or a clone? If it is a clone, that may be the answer to your issue.
Also, are you sure that you have the correct jumper removed from the board. There are other jumpers on the board.