Joystick's button assignment question

Good morning.
I want to fly a helicopter with the logitech 3d joystick, but I have a problem.

This is my first joystick on a helicopter

Except for the functional aspect, are these the only functions that can be assigned to the joystick buttons in the picture?

Or is it possible to map various functions to a button through parameter modification etc.?

@Ricoman the functions shown in the drop down list apply to functions of a joystick and not the ardupilot functions. So if you want to assign a switch on your joystick to an RC channel this is what I do. Click on the auto-detect button beside the RC channel you want to use the joystick switch on. Let’s say I want the joystick switch to work on RC channel 8. I would click on the auto-detect button beside RC channel 8 Then I would flip the switch several time on my joystick until it shows that it recognized the switch in mission planner. You will see a function appear in the box that corresponds to what the joystick function was for that switch.
Hopefully this answers your question.

Thanks Bill.
I only understand now.

So I just noticed the other screen shot of the buttons menu. I have not ever used that. I typically let it recognize a switch or slider on my joystick. I am not sure how that works with mission planner. My guess is that it allows the joystick button to do functions that are normally done from the flight data screen of mission planner using the actions tab.

In order to “fool” the controller that it is receiving a motor interlock enable signal, you have to do it through the RC channel for the joystick. It can’t be a command from mavlink. So if it doesn’t recognize a switch when you do the auto-detect in the joystick menu, then try a knob or slider on your joystick. I use the knob on my USB interlink controller to control the motor interlock.