JOYSTICK , with more channel!

Hi all ,

I am using Frsky Radio Control connected to mission planner ( Joystick ) sending the signals using telemetry .

the problem is that the Joystick setting accept 8 channel that control Axis ch1-ch8
ch1- roll
ch4- raddar
ch6- Flight Mode.
ch7 - ignation switch
ch8 - Camera switch ( Relay )

I have set more channel in the radio , such as

  • ( gimbal 2 ch servos )
  • parachute Servo
  • leds switch (1 ch )
    maybe other .

the problem is , I cant assign the extra channel to the joystick setting . ( only 8 ch )

even I can’t assign it to the buttons setting as I am using Radio .

No way to use SBUS as I am not using radio Receiver ?

maybe I can get any help
Regards …

@Michael_Oborne . Maybe you have any information for this problem >>