Joystick unable to link in SITL

Hey guys,

I’m new here, working on my computer science capstone. For my capstone, I have the SITL setup running on windows 10, I have mission planner connected to MavProxy running the quad autopilot and it is visualized in FlightGear.

Here is where my problems are coming up. I cannot for the life of me get my Turnigy 9xr Pro to connect… When I run the “module load joystick” command it says it finds vjoy 1 after “trying joystick 0” and then says the joystick is connected but does not react to input on the transmitter.

I have installed SmartProPlus and set that up and it works fine. I have also attempted to run, the joystick finder/helper, but it gives me an error that the module does not exist. I cannot find any updated documentation on this issue so any help would be much appreciated!

A couple of questions that may make it easier to provide help:

Where should I be attempting to run the script from? Maybe I am running it in the wrong directory.

I have not been able to get pygames to install but from the documentation it is unclear to me whether or not it is still needed as I have read that ‘parts of pygame is now integrated in mavproxy for joystick use’. Is it still needed as a separate install?

Mavproxy always finds the vjoy 1 device at 0 regardless of it being hooked up or smartproplus running. If i plug a ps4 controller in, it will find the vjoy device and then repeat the found message at spot 1 and say wireless controller found. Is this possibly pointing to the smartproplus vjoy device never actually being ‘found’?

Should my MavProxy install be from the windows installer or a more technical install via the GitHub repo?


Unfortunately, MAVProxy isn’t compatible with SmartProPlus. There’s a full list of supported joysticks at

Run it from the MAVProxy root directory. Use python -m MAVProxy.modules.mavproxy_joystick.findjoy

Either should work. I’m actually working on a new installer today :slight_smile: