Joystick strangeness

I built my own “real” controller (to replace the Logitech game controller). MP sees it and responds. But there are still a few issues that I believe are MP related. Channels 1-4 work OK. But channel 5 (MODE) sometimes changes “range”. Normally, when my controller is set to “min”, the pulsewidth shown on MP is 1000. When my controller is set to “max” the pulsewidth shown on MP is 2000. But every once in awhile “min” changes to 1500 while max stays at 2000. That is, the range changes at random. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Well, Mission planner is not doing anything other than reporting what the flight controller is seeing. The flight controller is digesting the input from the receiver.

I would say there is a glitch in your firmware somewhere that is maybe changing the offset of the pulses enough that it is maybe causing your glitches. Since is seems to be happening on the later channels it may be progressive.


MP polls the entire joystick object. so if its only one axis jumping, then my guess is it is something your side. as MP does not poll a single axis at a time. if one bit of data is bad, then all of it would be bad under the current method MP works.