Joystick Settings not being saved

I’ve searched through the various entries on this topic but I cannot find an actual solution other than to upgrade. I believe I have upgraded to the latest Mission Planner version 1.3.44 Build 1.16240.11550.

I am frustrated when the settings do not save and the setup reverts to the last one that was (somehow) saved.

Can anyone please reveal the exact conditions under which new joystick settings will be saved?



I found that sometimes I open a new instance of the joystick setup screen while there is still an “older” instance still open but not active. When this happens no settings get saved. I got better results when making sure that all joystick setup screens except one are open.

open the joystick screen after connecting to your aircraft.

the settings are loaded based on what aircraft you are connected to.

Thank you for your patient help Michael. Be well, Paul