Joystick Screen overlap


I have a problem with overlap on the joystick screen in mission planner. The ch7 and ch8 overlap the button 1 and button 2.

I somehow fixed it on my laptop but have just set up a new tablet groundstation and I and having the same problem.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

can you post a pic of the issue?


How do I capture a screen shot and post it.


The way to get a screen shot and post it here is to use the “prt scr” button on your keyboard to capture your monitor screen then open MS Paint and paste what you captured on your screen into a fresh canvas. Save the picture, then come back to and either add it as a file to a new post or use the Img function to embed it in your post.
TCIII Developer

Thanks. Here is the image. :open_mouth:

I have no idea why it is doing this but your help will be greatly appreciated.