Joystick problem while controlling brushless motors

How can i control underwater brushless motors, i use rasp pi 3b, pixhawk and qgc

@Hamid_Mammadli how is your qgc connected to the pixhawk. Which SW you are using.
Wich parameter you have set.
All this is unvissible for the helping community

actually i want to connect pixhawk to qgc with rasp pi 3b. But my pi 3b doesnt work. that’s why i connect pixhawk to computer.

@Hamid_Mammadli as written before, if you don’t give any details of your setup hardware as well as software including your settings nobody can real help you.

Just start simple, try to get pix connected to esc and motor and to motor test

it works. now i have another problem :smiley:
I am using ardusub system with blueos os. Due to blueos i can use rasp pi 4b 4 ram. I make everything. I works normlaly in manual mode with joystick. But now i am using AI for finding objects and going near this objects. How can I do that ai will controll motors?
Note: Camera connects rasp pi 4b 4ram.