Joystick interface

I am looking for a joystick simulator dongle where I can connect a receiver with ppm, plug it in the pc and use the mission planner joystick interface to either fly the SITL or fly a real model through mission planner and a telemetry link.

I found some dongles, but what I get from them is 4 rc channels and a few switches, and that’s it.

I’m looking for at least 6 channels, preferably 8. And I mean real channels, so that I can also control a camera, flight modes, etc.

I’ve also been looking for building one with an arduino, but most codes simply don’t work or have the same limitations.

Does anyone know a solution?

Any cheap Flight Controller running BetaFlight can be configured as a game controller. It’s what I used to use before I had a Transmitter with that function thru USB.

The problem is, as I mentioned, it only gives 4 analog channels and a few switches. I’m looking for something better than that.

I have 8 channels available.

Can you please let me know the details of the dongle you are using?

someone can tell me if i can use my futaba 14sg with the mission planner simulator.
Thank you

It’s not a Dongle, it’s a Flight Controller running Betaflight and a Receiver. Here is one link, there are others.
RC game controller

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Futaba-You can get more features but you can’t pay more.
See the above link.

Thanks. I came across this solution before. Think I should try since it looks like there are no simple dongles available.

@dkemxr Ordered OmnibusF4, came in yesterday. Put on Betaflight, enabled HID and work as expected. Now I have as many analog channels as my transmitter gives. Thanks for the hint.