Joystick control with qgroundcontrol

I know this probably isn’t the best place for this question, but I figured I’d ask here first since I already have an account here.

I have a rover that I want to control using a usb joystick. I have it working with ardurover 3.1.2 and mission planner. in mp I can map buttons on the joystick and drive it around. The problem is I want to do this with qgroundcontrol instead. qgroundcontrol sees the joystick and I can calibrate it, but it won’t allow me to map any buttons to functions or drive it. It does nothing.

I’ve read everything I can about qgroundcontrol and it seems like this should work but I must be missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hello, joystick support from Qgroundcontrol isn’t available now. Unless they got an hidden function to use RC_Overide instead of Manual_control.
I add support for manual control yesterday so it should be out on the next rover release. But Qgroundcontrol need to allow reverse thrust otherwise we won’t have reverse drive on rover .

Thanks for the quick response and your work!

The bluerobotics guys use qgc with a joystick to control their rov:

Are they doing something special in ardusub to make it work?

I found this which describes what you said:!topic/qgroundcontrol/DEuRO1WjotQ

I’m a little slow today. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

@khancyr Thanks for your work on this! Can’t wait to try it with my boat.

I loaded ardusub on my rover (it is a skid steer so close enough) and got joystick control working in qgc. let me know if you would like some help testing manual control in rover and I’d be happy to help.

Thanks again for your work!