Joystick control stopped working

I have been using joystick to control my plane with very good results, but after apgrading Mission Planner to 1.2.93 from 1.2.86 and APM to 2.77 from 2.74 it stopped working.
Unfortunately I did both at the same time , so I cant tell where is exact problem!
It goes w/o problems thruogh wizard setup, and pitch and roll barsshows moving as expected, but it want control plane when I enable it. But I can change flight mode on APM with buttons I proggrammed.
Already tryed to downgrade to 1.2.86 , same thing.
Do you guys have any ideas where I should look, or could you test it with laterst FW if it’s still working!!!
Best regards Slava.
ps. It seems to me this guy has identical problem: … arducopter
Any ideas realy needed!!

I tested Droidplanner connection , and RC or Camera controls doesnt work either(worked before).
So I m preaty sure that it is problems with board FW,

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