Joystick Control is not smooth

Tried today the first time to control the Plane (3.1.0) with a joystick. I was able to set all channels as desired and the servos are moving (right channel and right direction). But how it is moving. I cant go to the field like this!

They move very strange. Some small movements are not possible (even with Expo set). The reaction of the servo is delayed and to extreme (I tested with direct USB connection set to 115000).

What can be set to correct it? It seams to me as the control-info will not be sent fast enough to the pixhawk.

Mission Planner supports up to 1 500 000 as baudrate, but in the Full Param List, I can set AP only to 115.

Who has a smooth working joystick cotrol?

Serial0 can handle to 1500000 baud. I will try this weekend with different settings:

  • AP 3.1.1
  • ArduPlane:SERIAL0_BAUD=1500

Hopefully a higher speed will help.

how are you connecting? 3dr radio, usb…

Serial0 is USB. The telemetry-port comes later…

Well - got AP 3.1.1 and set serial0 to 1500. And it helps. The moving of the servos is really smoother.

The question will be, how can I increase baudrate for a 3DR-Modem?

How many guys has flown a plane with a joystick? What are your experiance? And what mode is recommended if not any :wink:

I use primarily joystick on all of my ardupilot aircraft. As long as you are in a fly by wire mode (fixed-wing) or stabilize/altitude hold for multirotors, the latency and choppy controls are no problem. At that point, the ardupilot is doing the flying, and you are just telling it where to go. I kept my telemetry baudrates to 57600. … BBkmbXdLrA