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Joystick buttons

(anon67614380) #1

Hello, i am trying to configure my joystick with QGroundcontrol. The joystick axis seems to work and calibrate fine.

The problem is with buttons, where there should be the button configuration menu it just says “button reserved by firmware” and i can’t do anything with them. They seem to work because when i push them the lights light up.
Is there anything i can do to unlock the situation?



(Andre-K) #2

QGC does not let you assign buttons to modes or RC output as you would expect.
You are most likely an ArduPlane APM stack user, and QGC are just forwarding buttons as some bits for the PX4 stack based autopilot to translate & use.

Maybe you can program it, if not, file a feature request here:

(DonLakeFlyer) #3

I think that’s just a hangover from the initial implementation. I don’t think ArduPilot uses those buttons bits on MANUAL_CONTROL which means the support for doing things like assigning flight modes to joystick buttons could be turned on like it is for PX4. Create an Issue and I’ll ask the ArduPilot joystick folks to look.

(David Boulanger) #4

It all works fine with Mission Planner.

(anon67614380) #5

I think AC 3.6 supports manual control so i tought it would support buttons on manual control too.


(anon67614380) #6

I know and i am using it, but i would have liked to give QGroundcontrol a shot, since it is years ahead of missionplanner in ergonomics of use.
Mission planner supports rc_override, that is why it all works there. I tought that since AC supports manual control in the latest releases that joystick would have worked in QGC too.



(DonLakeFlyer) #7

This is create a QGC Issue and it will get fixed.

(anon67614380) #8

Hello i created an issue on ardupilot to support manual or at least release buttons.

Is there anything else i can do, i would really love to use QGC but using Joystick and buttons on my groundstation it is not possible.

Please really let me know if i can do something to help in pushing this.

I am trying to have this happen since a year ago but it seems like Ardupilot and QGC staff (i guess it is you) don’t talk much to each other :slight_smile:

(DonLakeFlyer) #9

The issue should be in the QGC github not the ArduPilot GitHub.

(anon67614380) #10

Done, Hope it is ok.


(DonLakeFlyer) #11

Should be fixed in a daily build coming soon.

(anon67614380) #12

Really looking forward to test it


(anon67614380) #13

Hello, downloaded today daily build and now buttons work. Thanks!!!

One other thing, how can i map a button to use Do_mount command to use my gimbal?

Would like to have buttons mapped to gimbal mount types.

Or if there is any workaround to change gimball mounting from joystick

(DonLakeFlyer) #14

There was new camera joystick support that was just added a few days back. I think really new daily builds have more options.