Joystick axis not working since update!

I’m still battling with this, one axis of the gimbal controller in the MP just does not work. Tried two different joysticks, different axis’ on the joysticks and every setting on the MP that would affect this.

Issue posted here:

This first video (174kB) shows the problem: … roblem.mp4
Y rotation and Ry axis work fine, you can see them moving together.
X rotation and Rx do not work, you can see X rotation moving but Rx doesn’t respond.

If I swop Rx and Ry then Ry does not work

There is clearly a problem in the Mission Planner not recognizing the one axis.

The second video (452kB) shows the MP not connected to the plane and both axis’ working but as soon as it connects the one axis stops working: … oblem2.mp4

Please can this be fixed as soon as possible?

My bad, classic user error, it’s actually working fine!

Seems one must set two pwm values for each axis, one for RC10 and one for RC6, then one for RC11 and one for RC7.

One set of values (RC10, RC11) is in the Gimbal setup screen and the other (RC6, RC7) has to be setup manually in the Full Parameter List.

Perhaps the second set could be added to the Gimbal setup screen?

Graham, can you please specify which parameter you adjusted when you say “the other (RC6, RC7) has to be setup manually in the Full Parameter List” Thanks!

Wow, it’s quite a long time ago but if I remember correctly you need to set RC6_MIN and RC6_MAX in the Full Parameter List to somewhere around 1000/2000 (1100/1900 works too - these are PWM in µs). Same for RC7_MIN/MAX. These are not set during any calibration routine.

Thanks Graham, your memory serves you well!
Now I’ll have Tilt with Pan, controllable through my X-52 joystick (no RF, all over Sprint’s 4G network)