Joystick availability trough Python script

@Michael_Oborne Is Joystick available trough python scripting?



which part?
just output or setup?

in python its exposed as
that will give you things like

Mainly output.
I would need to enable joystick with a script and than use one of the buttons inside my code.
Joystick is used by mission planner to fly the copter too.

Thanks in advance

@Michael_Oborne Any hint on how to use it?

Guess not :slight_smile:

for the past few days a few of the devs have been at

so patience
to start the joystick interface you need to provide the joystick name to the start function.

the C# code to star the interface is
// ensure the current mavinterface is use for this joystick
var joy = new Joystick.Joystick(() => MainV2.comPort);
// start the joystick
if (joy.start(cmds[“joy”]))
// set it to the global state
MainV2.joystick = joy;
// enable the inputs/outputs
MainV2.joystick.enabled = true;

How can this be implemented in a python script?
Sorry for keeping asking questions.



You need to pass the current connected mav context to the joystick init. Then the joystick name to start it.