Journey sluggish climbing

My Journey is still flying well overall. However, climbing has become sluggish at default settings. For example, if I takeoff using the throttle manually, it’s fine. If I let it do a Toy Mode takeoff, it will no longer spin fast enough to get off the ground (again, unless I use the throttle manually – plenty of power then) and will timeout to disarm. Similarly, for AUTO mode missions, ascent is extremely sluggish at the current settings. Since I’m not completely sure how Toy Mode settings affect the standard ArduCopter parameters, I was hoping for some advice to tweak settings to solve this set of problems. BTW, when I looked at the settings in QGC, I was surprised to see that “climb sensitivity” was already set at the far right. Thanks!

Sometimes, brushed motors die is dramatic fashion (bird falls out the sky)
Sometimes, brushed motors die slow, agonizing deaths (bird can’t accelerate or climb)

Climbs fine with just a wee bit of manual throttle. In fact performance is excellent once it’s in the air, except the very sluggish auto mode climb.

Still could be the case. The auto take off is a set value in a parameter (can’t recall the name right now). It is a set throttle value. So of the motors are weaker then that set value won’t be enough, but full throttle is still acceptable climb rate.

I’m going to bump up MOT_SPIN_MIN to see if it helps either or both.