Jon Boat ArduBoat first project/What you wish you had known to start

Hey all, I’m about to embark on my first ArduBoat, This will be a manned 12 foot Jon boat with a Trolling motor controlled by a DC pwm module, The steering of that trolling motor will be handled by the communities recommendation I’m thinking this D845WP servo. I’m going to use this steering triangle connected to some rods for steering.

my question for the community is before you started your first project what is something you wish you had known? and hearing my project do you have any recommendations for me?

Usually users wish they had read the documentation before they started purchasing and building.


I wish I hadn’t bought cheap components.
If I had started with high quality conponent from the beginning I not only would have saved myself a lot of time and probably cut the build time in half.
I also would have saved money on the long run.

On the other hand: I wouldn’t have learned so much from tinkering around.

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great advice guys, Who would you recommend getting components from?

after i read this last night I have immersed myself in the literature but im sure im still going to have plenty to learn