Jitter with S2008SB S-FHSS on SBUS

We experienced an unexpected and highly dangerous behaviour with the Futaba S2008SB receiver connected via SBUS to Pixhawk.

Symptoms are: On channel 2 (elevator for us) if we reach PWM level of 1180 (somewhere between 1180 and 1185)
all the channels suddenly twitches and every channel goes crazy for a fraction of a second. Please see the video: https://youtu.be/1oJWsmztjgE
It only happens with channel 2.

We have the same behaviour with Pixhawk 1 and 2.1, with APM Plane 3.8.4, 3.8.3,3.8.2, and also with the latest Copter. All of our S2008SB receivers are doing this not just only one, we have also tested it with two transmitters.
We tested it indoors and outdoors, so it could not be any external source which is transmitting on the same frequency. We have a 433 Mhz telemetry link, normally that should not create a problem as well. We have hundreds of hours flown with this setup, since PWM 1180 is way below what we normally use we have not noticed this up until recently.

Interestingly if we switch the receiver it goes away. I do not know if it is the type of receiver of the difference between S-FHSS vs Fasttest or S.BUS vs S.BUS2. But it works perfectly with Fasstest/S.BUS2 based Futaba 7008SB, the problem occurs only with S2008SB.