JHEMCU F405-XSD F405XSD Flight Controller Is this FC supported by arducopter?

Is this low cost FC supported by arducopter?



Wonder why it’s so cheap. Wouldn’t want another situation like the Jumper plane where they cheaped out with a Chinese clone processor that has problems with the Arduplane firmware it comes with… But to be fair people got what they paid for with that plane.

Hi Dave, let’s hope it’s not the same problem (I saw the VTOL jumper thread).
On Aliexpress the documentation mentions STM32F405. I am seeing on the site


but it seems to be under maintenance.
It could be a good budget choice for small 2/5" copters.
I saw that there are other F405 supported by arducopter for this same brand. Maybe @andyp1per can say more

Yea, zooming in on one of those photos it does look like a STM product.

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You need a pin definition. If you can find one for betaflight then I have written a python script that will do a reasonable attempt at a port - you could try it


Says it uses the same BF target as this board on the Aliexpress page:

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