Jetyak software concepts and kinematics

Hello Ardu Community! I’m newbie to work with boats, I need to build autonomous boat, but I don’t have much skills for development hydrodynamik, and really want to use some accomplished concepts for my work. I found jetyak autonomous boat article (here is the reference:

I saw a hardware list for it, I like it concept because almost all part are in the list. So I can use it as first scientific experience. But I can I found some code for kinematic of steering for this boat. As I saw, there is pid regulator in it for steering. I found articles for hardware development with functional schemes. But I can’t understand which OS should be on companion computer. Also I don’t know how to add code and test it with this boat. Want to use mission and RC control for it. Also I don’t understand, there was modifications with EKF for jetyak or not. I would be glad for showing me reference for start
software development for this boat.

Search for “ArduRover wiki” and read that documentation

I saw examples of katamaran in there, but without code of hardware references. Can I found some fast, step by step preview, for testing and vectorizing? Really interested for jetyak as a reference,