Jeti Rx7 configuration for PX4

Hello guys!

I’m struggling with a setup of my Jeti R7 receiver for PX4 autopilot.

Can you please give me advice how should I configure my receiver so I’m able to connect it with PX4 via RCIN?

I thought I configure one of the pins to: PPM out positive … but I’m clearly missing something and google doesn’t give me anything.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

In device explorer
General Settings
PPM/UDI Mode - Computed
Pin Config - Output Pin (1 to whatever) - PPM Positive Out

or on the RSat2 Rx
Serial Link - PPM Positive

Setting the Pin Config is the easiest to overlook.

Hi Mike! Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately, it does not do the job for me :frowning:

I’ve flashed latest plane firmware into pixracer, tried to configure R7, R10 and RSat2. I’ve also checked wiring with this page 3 times. Without any positive result.

In my DS16 basic plane with 3 servos + 1 motor is running. Do I need to configure pixracer itself?

I find this quite worrisome since google gives me nothing I concluded this should be no problem :confused:


Just coming back since I found the solution that actually works.

I kept digging and found out that my PX4 is a clone of some kind…further information and the solution for those clone PPM issues is here. I was desperate and gave it a go - even though I dont like it at all - it solves the problem.

I wish all who have troubles with PPM on pixracer steady hand for soldering :slight_smile:

Also, all that Mike sugested above is true and must have for Jeti recievers to work. Thanks Mike!

EDIT: Actualy, Pin config has to be set to UDI16ch. Tested with REX7 than it works.