Jeti Fail Safe set up

I am new to Pixhawk and have the Pixhawk 2.1 Cube. I am using Jeti DS 16 via a SBUS converter. I can’t seem to get the Jeti to throw a value of less than 1077 when the transmitter is turned off simulating a failsafe signal. Any help appreciated

I also use a Jeti DS16 without issue, in fact it’s the easiest to setup.

In your menu, Model/Device Explorer, go to the failsafe and set channel 3 to off.
Thats it. Don’t forget to ‘Save Failsafe Settings’ before leaving the Device menu.

Why are you using an SBUS convertor?
This could be some issues are arising.
The Jeti RX plugs straight into the Pixhawk.
All you have to do is set the type of output and what pin in the Device Explorer.

@mboland Hi Mike.Thanks for the reply… I am a bit blurry eyed now from the day setting everything up on a test Multirotor Y6. I have everything working pretty good but failsafe. Are you using PPM? I am using a RX9 at the moment but will be using a central box 200 as I need to control more kit from the TX than the PH can… I think. I am new to Pixhawk but as I have know where else to go when the DJI A2 quits I wanted to get my head round the PH system. I fly Aeronavics Multirotors for a living and since they have switched to PH I though I would take the plunge so built this little Y6 as a test bed and to learn the system.

I run all Rx’s from the Sat to 9, but really am switching to just the Sat as it has everything I need in the way of channels out and sensors in.
What more channels do you need over the 12 out?
The PH has 6 Aux out plus you could press the 1 unused main out into service as you are running a Y6.
Just curious.
Have you looked at the MavLink to Jeti telemetry yet?

Hi mike

Where do I start! U running PPM then?
This little Y6 is just a test / learning rig. At the moment I am running a R9 RX as it’s one I had kicking round
Eventually when I swap out the WKM and A2 flight controllers off my Heaney lift aircraft I will need 14 channels. At the momenent on those AC I have a Central Box 200 with dual indipendent power supplies, two satellite receivers set in dual path mode. I am using Jeti Telemetry for temperatures, GPS for flight logs, cell monitoring (12) Alt meter for height and air temp.
What’s the Mavlink to Jeti telemetry unit… I know you can do it on the Tranaus but can u get the same info down from the PH to the Jeti?
As for the Fail safe can’t get the radio through a value of less than 1077 to trigger FS with a value of 950 I think I have set.
So what I have done for now is set channel 5 to fail safe to RTL
Really appreciate the help BTW

The Jeti runs PPM out on any assigned pin, no need for any convertors.

I have only seen 12 channels in on the Pixhawk, although I think a few put in an enhancement request for more.
Why do you need 14?

I have been dabbling with the MavLink to Jeti firmware which is loaded onto an APM board (328P in my case) and takes Mavlink in and coverts it to Jeti telemetry.
Still playing with it and have not yet got it working reliably. So there is something I am not setting up right.
I did have good success doing the exact same thing with the Graupner radio though.

As I stated previously, in the Rx set the Failsafe for throttle to “OFF”.
That will trigger the failsafe you are after on throttle and free up an extra flight mode on CH5.

Hi mike.

Just had a loaded day. I found a German board that claims to do the telemetry but the site is out of stock of everything so will email,to,Oreos,to,find out more.

I have been dicking around today with lighting and tidying up the wiring now,I know it flies.

Love your cattle mustering quad. What frame is it? Is see another winter project building one.

How many flight modes have u? I have see amN old post discribing how to get six on the Jeti but it’s on 2013 FW and the description on setting it up does not seem to match current FW.

I’ll,work on the failsafe tomorrow.

I Fly big Aeronavics Skyjibs and need the channels for all,sorts of stuff like nav lights, retracts, video switches, camera triggers and have a couple spare if I need to do stuff client specific like payload release mechanisms, pumps, spot / flood lights etc etc.

If you get a response on the Telemetry boards I would like to hear, as I cannot yet work out why mine won’t work.

The Cattle Quads are a Hiro frame from Game of Drones who are now Aerial Sports, their shop is here
They are the only frame I have found that is a good 450 size and is truly indestructible.
Can also be easily made waterproof.

Although I usually only bother with 3 flight modes I do have 6 setup on some copters as I have a rotary 6 position switch on my old Futaba Tx.
I have not yet setup a 6 position switch on the Jeti as the ones I have that work well will not fit and the miniatures ones I sourced have some weird switch arrangement that I could not get happening with the Jeti.
On builds where they need more than 3 flight modes I simply setup a mix on 2 switch’s, a 2 position and a 3 position.

Hi Mike

take a look… Guess if it sounds to good to be true it is!

Any Ideas why I can get Auto Tune to Kick in. Read the relevant page for it on channel 7 and increased RC1,2,3,4 DZ to 60 but still no joy. Jester get a message saying ’ Flight Mode Change Failed’

Cant deem to find anywhere selling those frames BTW


@mboland worked out the Autotune… Needed to be armed! DOH!

Glad you worked it out.

Here is the link for the Jeti Telem I am working with.

And the boards are readily available

@mboland not had much time at the moment but thanks for the link. Just trying to get the MininOSD (plastic cased one) working.!