Jerking flight mode transitions

Hello. I’m using a Matek 405-wing with ChibiOS on Arduplane (latest released). I’m noticing on the bench when I transition to different flight modes, the control surfaces create a jerk movement on its own (quick roll to one side) and then switch back to normal position. Is this normal? Is it because I’m still on the bench and it can’t detect forward motion? Also I’ve noticed that in FBWA I have full deflection of the control surfaces. I was under the impression that aside from auto correcting itself in the air, FBWA limits how much we can deflect the control surfaces.
I would appreciate anyone’s input or experience with this.

Thanks in advance.

Check your trims, I believe the controller defaults to the trim values while switching modes, so if they are not close to real trim positions you should adjust them. Best practice is to get them close mechanically, and then I turn on SERVO_AUTO_TRIM which will update the saved trim values in the controller.

FBWA limits roll angles, not control surface throws. When you command a roll and the controller doesn’t see the plane respond it’s going to increase the throws until they max out.

Thanks for your response. I suspect this “jerking” transition occurs only while on the bench since it’s trying to auto adjust itself while in flight.