jDrones RFD900 COM port

I have purchased an RFD900 radio from JDrones and am currently unable to configure it. I can’t manage to connect via COM port. I have installed the FTDI drivers and am using the original cable.

Initially a led turns on and turns off immediately in the JDrones RFD900 adapter. Then a green led is flashing on the radio (that is, it receives power).

But I can’t get my PC (and not others I’ve tried) to recognize the device to be able to configure or read it with Mission Planner.

Do you have any suggestions? Is it normal for the adapter led to turn on and off?

hey suddenly am having same issue on all my RFD900x radios…i have tried 3 different windows PCs, have tried different serial-USB adapters plus original and latest RFD tools and nothing, cant connect to a single one, but they are working fine on the drones, i just want to update settings and firmware…

Try updating the FTDI drivers from here
and select the " New drivers are now available to support the FT4222H "
That has worked for me on a new Win10 box that was being set up.

Saludos a todos @xfacta @imrj y perdón por la demora, el problema fue que el cable que vino con la radio estaba defectuoso en RX/TX ya que la radio estaba alimentada. Cambié por otro y funcionó correctamente.
Gracias por preocuparse!

Cheers everyone @xfacta @imrj and sorry for the delay, the problem was that the cable that came with the radio was faulty in RX / TX as the radio was powered. I changed for another one and it worked fine.
Thanks for your concern!