Javascipt Log Viewer

Hi, my name is Andrea La Fico Guzzo, I’m a bachelor student in aerospace engineering at Polytechnic of Turin (Italy). In recent times I developed a big interest in autonomous vehicle and in past I learnt how to use javascript while earning a front-end web developer certification on I think this could be an opportunity for me to get implied with both my interest and develop some useful skills.
I have some questions either about some project aspects: does the project have to run on the local user machine or on a public website (like If it is the last option, should I manage the website too or just deploying the web app? Since I don’t have experience with ardupilot and I don’t have a board to install it, are there some data I can get for testing the parser?
This is pretty much all for now. Here is my github link for references. Thank you all for this awesome project and opportunity.

Hi Andrea, It would be up to you (server or client side) although client side ensures minimum maintenance. You can search for logs on this forum,many logs are available for testing. Thanks!