Japan UAV places to visit, see, or connect with?

I will be going on a trip to Japan this Christmas as a holiday, a wee bit of skiing and more eating! This will be my first time in Asia, very excited but also somewhat nervous about the subway system.
My question is, while I am there are there any cool UAV related things to see? Are there any manufactures that would be willing to give a tour or other things of that nature? Also is anyone from Japan that could give me a quick run down on regulations relating UAV’s (I will do my due diligence and do a google search) but sometimes its better to hear from locals. I am thinking of taking a gopro karma just to take some fun videos and document the trip noting commercial.

Please review this site. http://dronelawjapan.com/

thank you @Jiro for that quick reference! It seems there is no reference to anything commercial or hobbyist, is there simply not a differentiation within laws in Japan from hobbyist to commercial or is this also prefecture specific?

There is no difference on the law to fly something for the purpose and by the pilot. The law will not apply less than 200 gram flying machine. There is another low to regulate for using radio, such as transmitter for FPV and telemetry.