Japan MIC compliant RC and telemerty datalink hardware

Hello all,

we are looking for a RC link and a telemetry link that are Japan MIC compliant.

We know that 920MHz (up-to 20mW) and 2,4GHz (up-to 10mW/MHz) bands are free for UAV use without any special permit, as long as the radios are certified to be compliant with the Japanese law.
But so far I could not find any.

  • RDF900x does not seam to be compliant.
  • 3DR 915MHz do not have this certification.
  • Doodle Labs RM-2450 have the certification but do not send RC signals, only mavlink telemetry.
  • FrSky stuff is not compliant
  • Radiomaster stuff is not compliant

Any clues?

@rmackay9 lives in Japan so might have some relevant suggestions

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JapanDrones.com (my small company) sells a Japan legal version of HereLink. If you’d like to convert an international Herelink to be compliant I can help you with that.