It just dropped out of the air?

I was just testing my newly built copter and it dropped out of the air. Can anyone tell me why …yes I know a motor failed but what or how and which one.

9.BIN (739.7 KB)

Looks like the Right side motors failed. Motors 1 and 4.


You seem to have throttled up hard to 47m at which point things went wrong.
Your vibes, especially Y, go way up, DesRoll and Roll go in opposite directions, and it appears you had a commanded vertical climb that “took off” on you as you pushed throttle to max.

As @iseries indicated, your motors start to max out at this time.
It looks like RCout4 as it was pegged at max most of the “fall”, but I suspect it was more like a spin.

At home I noticed that one bullet connector on the right side with a burn mark. Also on the esc. I am guessing they came apart in flight. Reason in every other build I have always hard soldered but my friend gave me esc that only had bullet connectors.

Does it sound correct that one bullet connector came lose on motor 4 which lead to a spin and crash?

How do the vibrations look overall (before the crash). I still learning ArduCopter (moving from other boards)

Now you know why bullet connectors, unless of exemplary quality, are not a great idea.
And yes, that would do it.

The vibrations look Ok before the incident.