It feels like I am skating on ice when I fly

My drone has 16’’ Props. When I fly in Althold and I let the joystick go it keeps on going in a direction. Is that just tuning or is it just how a large drone acts?

For instance I might do a circle in a small area with the front pointing into the middle. If I let go I will drift into a tree. So how I solve it is by going over to loiter after I release the sticks so that it will stop quickly.

Maybe I should rather fly in pos hold or loiter if I want to stop quickly.

“Althold” will not stop your copter in the horizontal direction at all. It does what the name suggests, it “holds altitude”. The horizontal control is like “stabilization mode”. “Loiter” or “PosHold” would be doing what you want.

OK thank you. Glad it isn’t setup then that is bad

Altihold means it just had altitude hold with no GPS. You use it in events when your drone lose gps. At least thats what I do. For alti hold, the drone will be at the mercy or wind and other factors.

So when wind blows it will sway towards that direction. If you want to control with gps use poshold.

Do you prefer PosHold over loiter? Looking at the documentation they seem to do about the same except pos hold Seems to not hold height if I understand it correctly. I can’t fly now to test.

Will a small drone ‘float’ less with alt hold than a drone with 16’’ Props? I wonder of alt hold is maybe also good for filming because it floats more especially when it stops.

We use althold for training new drone user. Because its like manual gear in a car. It is more difficult to control but helps people get better control of the drone.

We use it for emergency where gps give way.

Other than that if we fly with controller it is almost always poshold

Even drone racer they don’t use altihold, they use acro mode.
Forget about loiter unless you using it in mission and autonomous flight.

If you filmed a wedding or real estate, what would you use? Just plan the mission and fly auto?

Yes I rarely use poshold to do filming. Auto mission gives a more smooth and stable flight hence nicer video. Then again I only shoot scenery. So I guess doing wedding you need to be quick perhaps plotting missions isn’t the way to go.

Do you use the herelink to plan missions on the fly or do you always do it ahead of time? At the moment I constantly carry the controller + laptop with me and I think soon also a long stick to get the telemetry antenna higher.

Maybe you will be able to tell me, I asked somewhere else.

Is it possible to plan a mission. Say a circle with points of interest into the middle and reuse that circle mission in different locations or do I just have to redo it in each location I fly?

I have a moving gimbal which I had our own controller. yes I plan my mission on a laptop. Different people uses different methods. There is no one right way to do it.

Loiter is more tunable than Poshold and much newer.