It appears this version breaks CAN for HERE3 GPS

It appears this version V4.5.4 breaks CAN for HERE3 GPS, see my post >HERE<
Reverting back to V4.3.5 had it working again :+1:

Any advice from devs greatly appreciated

I was just using a Here3 on 4.5.4 without issue last week.

I think we would have widespread reports if this was truly the case (not doubting that you have an issue…rather, suggesting it’s a config issue).

Post parameters or a log file.

Thanks for your reply, I hope it is just me doing something stupid
Here is params…
240626 No GPS working.param.txt (18.2 KB)

Try setting GPS1_CAN_OVRIDE,0.

I did try this, along with over variatiions, without success.
I will try again, however I need to keep plane working on V4.3.5 over the weekend so it will be Monday before I can try again.
Thanks for your advice, have a good weekend

Hello @Steviegeek @Yuri_Rage,
I am working with copter4.4.4.
I am using can1 port for here3 gps.
can_p1_driver = 1
can1_d1_protocol = 1 (dronecan)
gps_type = 9

It flew for four or five flights after calibration until an inconsistent compass error occurred.
I restarted the drone to fix the issue, however after that, the compass stopped working (compass is not detecting).
It occurs two or three times with me.
I attempted to be detected with multiple firmwares.
I think my gps is dead now.

Sorry I’ve not followed up on my original post, the plane suffered a fatal, unrelated, crash
I’ll be testing my hardware on the bench in the next few days and will post my findings :+1: