Issues with switching to autopilot

Hi @rmackay9

Need help here please, have a glitch in my system at the moment, its is a boat again…

The logs are attached and the .param file

the issue is somewhere in the GPS and compass I think,… It has been calibrated about 14 times so unlikely that calibration is the issue. Really need a hand here, please

I am using a cube orange and here 2 plugged into the into the gps1 point

the ekf is very fragile, but more importantly, when switching to autopilot the boat has no idea where to go to find the waypoint. the waypoints are loaded correctly. it just moves around like its drunk …Loiter makes it spin around.

The roll is also opposite in the hub compared to how the boat rolls in reality… not sure that is an issue tho with finding the waypoint, not matter how I change the orientation same issue

crocboat0105.param (16.5 KB)

Roll being opposite definitely is a problem. Is your orientation param set correctly for compass and fc?

I suspect you have multiple configuration errors, none of which necessarily call for immediately raising alarms to the development team.

If the Cube is installed upright with the arrow facing forward, the default orientation should be fine. It is common to misinterpret the HUD roll angle for users not familiar with artificial horizon displays, so you may not want to be so quick to begin changing orientation parameters before confirming the rest of your configuration is correct (read below).

Second, have you followed the tuning steps outlined here?
First Drive with Rover — Rover documentation (
If the boat drives properly in manual mode but controls are reversed in acro mode, then you have reversed RC channels when you should’ve reversed servo outputs on the autopilot instead (another common config error). In no case should an auto mission be attempted prior to following all of the tuning steps outlined in the documentation I linked above.

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Hi Scott

yeah mate, Its set to 0 as the unit is set flat and straight.
compass and FC

Ok then its probably just as yuri says and just confusion with it being artificial horizon ie when you roll the boat left expect the line on the hud to roll right as it would be viewed if you were in the boat.
And if its not driving to a waypoint or attempting to maintain tracking in acro mode it will be because of servo reversing just as yuri also rightly pointed out. Even with default loop control parameters it should still get to waypoints without dramas, maybe just some oscillation or weaving etc.