Issues with skid steer rover not navigating


Ive got a few years of experience with arduplane and pixhawk…Ro60ver is new to me and I need a bit of help getting it to navigate proper.

Im using a roboclaw 60 the internal mix is off.

Im using taranis plus. in tx calibration in Mission Planner when I move the right stick fwd/rev I see the throttle channel move same with the roll when I move the right l/r I see roll move left right.

With skid steer set to 0 when I move the right stick forward (throttle) i see the right “track” move when I move the right stick l/r I see the left track move. This is accurate according to ardurover stuff.

Here is where I think the issue is occurring:

When I set skid steer out to 1: throttle controls steering and steering is throttle.

I can re map my throttle and steering and its okay from an rc car stand point but in either case the navigation is non functional.

I believe that it is controlling steering when it thinks it should be controlling throttle and vice versa.
how can I check this?

When place into auto mode after a simple course has been loaded it takes of in random directions and slowly drifts to the right and show no indication that its attempting to navigate. Sometimes it stops and starts rapidly jerky forward motion sometimes it twitches right.

it drives okay in learning mode too if I map throttle to steering but will not follow the “learned” course

what should I look into?