Issues with GPS Z Velocity - jumps

On two separate flights I have had sporadic jumps in gps velocity(z) and ubx.sAcc. I have two near identical builds but one has this issue. The frsky is maybe 6" from both gps ant. There is a computer on vehicle with USB3 but its about 1.5’ away.

Has anyone seen issues like this? I have attached plot and log.

USB3 is a known source of interference, but I can’t say that without a doubt that is your issue.

Yes that was a thought - it seems strange that only one of the vehicles has this issue. I have replaced unit to see if that changes anything - I’ll post follow up. Thanks!

Well - tested four more units all had same problem. Tested on different vehicles - some didn’t even have USB3.0 computers on it. It appears that my first unit was just lucky. I am going to try and see if any ublox settings are different - in mean time I’m gonna get a different chip set. All these units are m8n - I would steer clear

There are lots of people using M8N, but just having that chip doesn’t mean much - and there are also fake Ublox chips. Just buy a good GPS and not something from cheap stores :wink: