Issues with downloading Log files via CLI

First time posting here; hopefully this post will follow all the rules =). Anyways, I’m having issues downloading log files from the APM 2.6 using the CLI. What happens is that I can use mission planner to connect and access the list of logs on the APM; however, after downloading a desired log, I can’t open the log via mission planner as it gives me an error along the lines of "can’t open due to this file being used by another application."
My question is how do I go about accessing these log files on the APM or is there some alternative method I can use? It’s necessary that I use the APM 2.6 and download log files over CLI because I’m trying to test sonar capabilities, and it seems like there is no alternatives to downloading the logs.

After you use the CLI to download the log files into the MP log folder(s) try closing MP then reopening MP, reestablish the CLI and select view log files as you have already downloaded them to the MP. This should work for you.
Another method is to use the MP binary download/viewer function (farthest to the right) that is in the tabs under the HUD in the Flight Data window.
After I have downloaded any data flash logs, I always shutdown the MP and reopen it to close out any tlogs or data flash logs that were open in the previous MP session. I can then use the binary viewer to examine the data flash logs.