Issues with 1.3.32

I have had problems after MP updated to 1.3.32 recently with FW 3.2.1. I been having bouncing and tipping till the props hit… a few times, while tipped I experienced the props spin up as well before the pixhawk works out it is crashed.

I went to Beta version and FW3.3 but unhappy with the beta version after having some problems with that I re flashed back to FW 3.2.1 and things went really wrong with worse landing and erratic hovering. In the end I broke my band new carbon retractable legs.

In utter frustration I completely removed MP and deleted the DIR. I then found a older MP ver 1.3.25 and did a fresh install. Then installed FW 3.2.1 again and calibrated… at this point I had a rock solid flying machine with perfect landing and hover again.

I then updated MP to 1.3.32 again and although I can fly stable ish and land with just a few bounces… I couldn’t get the rock solid feel I had from the earlier version of MP.

From the start of update of 1.3.32 I had non response on the first connection to the copter. Then creating missions and upload is problematic, I get periods it hangs then later pop up windows of something I was trying to access minets before. Sometimes when I try to connect it just pauses getting setting from the Hexa, eventually I crash out of MP and restart and it’s fine again.

MP 1.3.32 is a mess for me ATM. I don’t understand what is sent from MP to the copter but with the same FW I am getting 2 very different craft to fly with different versions of MP.

Nothing has changed for months of very stable flying… same hardware and ground station pc… only software and fw has been changed.

HK pixhawk clone with m8n GPS compass in a Hexa and get 18 to 20 sats and hdop of 1.0 to 1.4 most of the time.