Issues Trying to get telem on RC over S-Port

Arduplane v4.3.1
FrSky X10 Express
R-XSR Receiver

have bound the rc to the receiver, and had control outoput mission planner rc calibration and tried changing to use sport for telem on the RC.

i changed the pin on the RXSR so it has gnd, +5v, s.port (was sbus out)
this connects to G, 4v5, Tx6 on the flight controller.
i have brd_alt_config = 1 (have tried this as 0)
serial7_baud =57
serial7_options = 7 (have also tried 4) (was 3 for sbus)
serial7_protocol = 10 (was 23 for sbus)
RSSI_TYPE = 3 (was 0 for sbus)

i the transmitter is still bound (ch 1-8 telem on) but mission planner shows no rc connected.

what am i doing wrong? or missconfiguring?

i have also tried following

  • RC_OPTIONS=8 (changed to 40 to add arm check o throttle)

and connected to Rx6

i flashed the RXSR receiver again with ‘RXSR_ACCST_2.1.1_Fport_LBT.frk’ and it now connects to the flight controller output. however when trying to detect sensors i still only get RSSI and RxBt

The 2.1.1 firmware has a known bug with F.Port telemetry that has been known for over a year and they haven’t bothered to fix it. The 2.1.0 firmware worked for me with F.Port.

thanks for the suggestion! but still unable to see all the sensors on the transmitter.
GPS has now shown up after that receiver downgrade, but with 0 values.
(flashed with RXSR_ACCST_2.1.0_Fport_LBT.frk)

must be a display thing in the sensors menu, since i see all the data in the yappu script. thanks again for helping :slight_smile: