Issues on servo control in AC3.4

I have a working configuration with AC3.3.3: I can adjust the shutter min/max values for the gimbal in MP (connected on RC9) and control a nick servo on RC12 via passthrough the servo signal to RC12. Then I updated this config to AC3.4 and it doesn’t work no longer. I can put in some min/max values for the trigger, but these changes have no effect on the servo. On the other hand I’m not able to get a simple servo working on any other RC-output on the servo rail in “passthrough” mode. Are there any hints or workarounds for this issue? I need this functionality in 3.4.5 immediately!


Any luck figuring this out? I am trying to control a release servo on RC12. I have RC7 configured as pass through and RC12 is set to 57 (RC7IN). I only have an 8 channnel reciever, which is why I am using RC7. I have channel 7 set to a switch on my Futaba controller. Servo is powered through a BEC plugged into the rail. I am using a pixhawk.

On the log file I can see the RC7 in and out indicate the appropriate PWM waveform. However, RC12 is a flat line at 1500, the neutral value of the servo.

It doesn’t look like RC12 is grabbing the signal from RC7 despite setting RC12 at 57.

Hope you figured it out.