Issues configuring copter with mission planner

I’ve built a quad using a MATEK-F405SE flight controller, a FS-iA10B reciever and FS-i6X transmitter. I’ve built and uploaded the ‘ardupilot with bl’ hex file using stmcubeprogrammer to the flight controller and I’m now trying to configure the quad with the mission planner so I can fly it. The flight controller connects to mission planner fine (115200 baud rate). I’m using ibus protocol and connection to reciever is shown in pic below:

In the mission planner when trying to setup:

On radio calibration none of the green bars move and are empty even though the transmitter and reciever are binded fine (reciever led on constantly).

when I try to calibrate accel, nothing happens for a few second then the flight controller disconnects from mission planner. When I calibrate level, the mission planner fails to level and disconnects as well.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I’m having these issues?


post .bin log files. Check the USB cable, make sure the power supply voltage is stable.

There are no data logs on the mission planner cause I haven’t been able to configure anything yet. Power is connected to the flight controller via USB and the USB connection is fine. (I was able to download firmware with same connection)

Activate LOG_DISABLED = 1 and post a .bin log file.

How do I do that? Never used logs before.

Post your parameters file. Which firmware target did you load?

I loaded the latest MatekF405-STD arducopter_with_bl.hex using STMCubeProgrammer.
How do i get a parameters file?

That’s not the right firmware per Matek. You can save the parameter file from the Full Parameter list. Why use the v4.2 dev version?


That was it. I uploaded the wrong firmware target. Thanks a lot.

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