Issue with terrain on flight planning


I am normally planning my flights using terrain and having verify height uncheck. Worked really well and was simple to use, but since 1.3.71 and 72 when I am doing elevation graph, it will show me change in height between two point and no following terrain. You will find an example bellow.

1.3.70, working well :

1.3.72, the same with 71 :

I saw major changes in 71 and 72, is this still in beta?


Benjamin MATHON

No one have this ? I am just the only one?

Current beta mp should resolve this

Thanks Michael, that fixed it :wink:

Also could you please have a look at this : [UPDATED] Force SRTM *.dat on the SD card "not working"

Since I will be using Iridium telemetry, I really need some answers