Issue with Telemetry via Bluetooth W/ TBS crossfire

I’m having an odd issue using Bluetooth to connect the telemetry via the TBS Crossfire module and a BT dongle. It pairs with my PC fine, but I see 2 options. The advanced settings on the BT menu list one as incoming and one as ourgoing. I can connect to my Google Pixel 4 phone fine and the telemetry shows up in Q ground control, but when I attempt to connect via my PC with the BT dongle I either get no connection (with the outgoing port) or a hard freeze that forces me to use the task manager to kill Mission planner (with the port listed as incoming data)
I recently did a BT module firmware update after contacting TBS CS about issues getting the BT connected at all, which solved the connection issue. But now this freezing issue showed up and I’m thinking it’s a PC side issue

Does TBS Crossfire finally support Mavlink 2.0 ?

No, Crossfire does only support Mavlink 1 at the moment. We all hope this will be changed in future, but TBS has not announced any date for this yet.

The Bluetooth issue is a known problem with Windows and has nothing to do with the Mavlink level. For example, it is no problem to connect Mission Planner via a Wifi gateway, for example a ESP32 or a Raspi. I‘ve written a small mini howto for PI … it‘s in German, but it should no problem to understand it (it‘s not complicated):

But Windows 10 and Crossfire directly connect with Bluetooth is terrible.

I am using xf via Bluetooth to my surface with MP, all is working ok. I agree though Windows is very flaky with Bluetooth com ports, if it’s any help you want the one that dose not lock the pc up. Also I changed the baud rate top right in mission planner to 57600, the only other thing is have you followed the Tbs manual and changed the update rates?

So the issue was my baud rate was wrong, don’t remember having it on 57600 but oh well lol

Putting this here in case it helps someone else, this is what helped my BT connecion issue before I had this issue

"Good day! Thank you for your email.

Try to update Bluetooth firmware. Please follow instructions below.

Open the TBS Agent X

  • click on the 3 little dots on the top right

  • Add the key below with a comma separator behind your Agent ID

  • example: ef02c1f6a126249b09f2e00a06eae8dd5,CROSSFIRE_BT_FW_UPDATE_3f9cbe32f902bae43

  • After a while you should see “XF BT UPDATE V2.34” under Firmware.

  • Download it to your TX

  • After download completed message will display in Crossfire Tx oled for the BT update

  • Follow the instructions on the OLED

  • Update firmware again to the latest one."

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